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Lehigh Valley ASIS Past Events

House of Worship Seminar April 13, 2019

We recently hosted a House of Worship seminar for the Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities to implement safety and security at their places of worship. We were happy to have a multitude of speakers come out for this event to spread awareness about protecting your house of worship in today's world. 

ASIS Certifications and Foundation Scholarships

March 27, 2019

We were happy to host our Regional 5C Vice President Stephen Molinelli CPP, PSP, to speak at our meeting about the vast opportunity's ASIS has to offer with Certificates and Scholarship programs. 



We were excited to hold a panel discussion with several local experts around the topic of Terrorism Soft Targets. The increased appeal of soft targets such as the likes of shopping malls, sports arenas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and movie theaters has made it imperative for those entities security personnel to be more vigilant with their efforts to protect these venues.


Networking with Local security professionals.



    Leverage private security resources to aid you in your anti-crime efforts. We have eyes and ears in many places where LE does not, which can be advantageous for you during both pre and post incident investigations.


Networking with Local Security Professionals

A healthy dialogue with private security practitioners can help Law Enforcement better understand private security professionals concerns which, at many times, aligns with what LE is concerned with as well. The private security folks “touch” many people helping to drive awareness within our communities.


A potential second career in Security.